Whether you are just starting your practice or have been in business for years, it is clear that the tools of  the business of architecture have changed. The ways of finding, converting, and invoicing clients have moved largely to a digital platform. Even the tools that you use to do the work are constantly changing.

To many architects, starting your business has been a dream that you have had for a long time. When they finally get ready to leave their job and take that leap many find that there is so much they need to learn about running a business. Your education and experience have not prepared you for this.

Stopping the Trend

We have all heard the (misguided) common quote that 90% of businesses fail in their first five years. The truth for architects is that many break away from a firm with a promising project and a dream to have freedom in their lives. However, most find themselves back looking for a job with a firm in just a few short years after taking this step.


Those that refuse to go back to the "corporate" world continue to struggle until they either go broke or change careers entirely. The hope has always been "the work will come to you if you are a great designer". Unfortunately, that is not enough.

Making your business more complicated is not the answer. Creating systems based around a proven strategy is what separates the architects that live on top of the world and only take the projects they want from all the struggling practices out there.


You can bring in the work that you love to do and build a business that supports any lifestyle you desire. We are here to help you do everything else your business needs to do. Whether you are just starting out and have very little startup capital, or are an established firm looking to grow, we can help. 

Our education, training and in-house consulting is focused on just four aspects: acquiring leads, converting those leads into clients, delivering services, and collecting fees. By creating a consistent strategy across these four aspects your business will be set up to thrive in today's competitive market.


Your business needs a steady stream of new clients. Finding these clients has never been easier, but you have to know where to look. Our team helps you to define the strategy you need to find your most ideal clients and get them on the path to becoming paying clients.

Negotiating with clients for projects is something that most architects don't have to do until they start their practice. The reality that clients see our services as a cost on a spread sheet turns many professionals away from starting their practice. Our team has developed numerous strategies to help equip you for this process as well as make sure you get paid the fees you deserve.

Designing great buildings is why we all got into this profession in the first place. However, you need a process that helps you to deliver a consistent product. Our team helps you to define the strategy you need to ensure your team delivers the quality and service you expect. 

Your business needs cash. The process of invoicing and collecting is something that many architects were never taught. Our industry is inundated with slow paying clients and high overhead. Our team helps you to develop the strategy to get paid sooner and with less hassle. 


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