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Our VISION is that developers, communities, and society grasp the real value that architects provide to everyone their work touches and that architects are paid and appreciated for that value. 


Our MISSION is to empower architects to get paid for the true value that their unique vision, approach, and work bring to the communities and spaces they touch through strategic business systems that allow architects to design a better tomorrow for their business.


We are not providing trendy/temporary fixes or Band-Aid solutions.

  • We focus on providing complete solutions that produce real change and returns in our clients business.

  • Our solutions contribute to the clients’ companies strategic plans and goals.

  • Our solutions are innovative and creatively positioned to serve the architectural industry.


We Maximize Your Profits by Exposing and Magnifying Your Value to the Market.

  • ON THE LEVEL – Bring issues, concerns, or shortcomings to the surface with the clients, the team, and ourselves.

  • KEEP YOUR WORD – Be responsible, do what you say you will in the time it is expected, follow things through to their conclusion.

  • GROW OR DIE – There are no problems only opportunities for growth, stretch yourself to be better today than you were yesterday, make valuable mistakes to learn better ways of doing things

  • DREAM BIG – Imagine things and situations for what they could be, help everyone to reach their potential.

  • COMMAND RESPECT – Act respectively to others, be the bigger person, dress appropriately, make things easier for yourself and the team, plan ahead and give people the information they need.

  • SET OTHERS UP FOR SUCCESS - Go the extra mile; provide clear, transparent direction for everyone who touches your work; and take the additional steps to set others up to succeed. 

  • EDUCATE US OUT OF A JOB – Teach everyone what you are doing and why, learn as you go and pass on the knowledge, bring your experience, passion, and creativity to every aspect of everything you do, be present and engaged in the current situation.

We are a company that embraces change. Change is the inevitable force that is the only constant in our lives. The business of architecture is changing. Clients are becoming more sensitive to issues other than cash flow and they expect their architects to manage other ROI factors. Furthermore, clients expect architects to meet impossible deadlines on lower fees.


Star Built Consulting was started by a principal architect looking for ways to solve the problems that were affecting his practice. This meant talking to everyone who touched the industry: talking to clients about what they really wanted, discussing with contractors the realities of building, and discussing how to protect the firm with attorneys. Through this research, the inefficiencies, gaps in service, and liabilities for the industry as a whole revealed themselves. 

A Desire to Help

Mike realized that his company was not the only architectural firm dealing with these issues. Clients everywhere seemed to be frustrated and contractors blamed ill defined drawings on the architects ineptitude. Both of these issues fed the cases that attorneys brought against architects most often. This seemed like a plague that ran rampant in the industry, and needed to be eradicated. Thus Architectural Business Strategy was formed to find answers to the problem that afflicted architectural practice.

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