The average architect converts less than 25% of the proposals they write and make a profit of under 10%. For most firms, that 10% profit goes toward the writing of proposals for the other 75% of clients that never sign.

But what if you could improve both of these numbers in your own business? By simply learning to write proposals differently and understand the decision making process of your prospects you could easily double both your conversions and profit instantly. What if you knew exactly what the next prospect in your door was looking for as far as the price they were willing to pay for your work, and what their real expectations were? 


What if you knew exactly what price the next prospect in your door was willing to pay for your services, and what their real expectations were? What if you could meet your clients expectations on price and quality of work every time you wrote a proposal? 

You are not losing clients because your price is too high, or they think that the other guy can do it better. You are losing because you fail to understand expectations and then meet those expectations prior to even getting the job. Hey, "winning isn't everything, but it beats anything in second place" (William C. Bryant). 

Understanding your prospects buying behavior before you even start a proposal is the best way to increase your success rate. Knowing that the job is yours if you want it is the only way to choose the work you want to do and the clients you want to work with. If you are not choosing your clients and projects then your only reaction is desperation. 



Learn Why People Buy: Learn the mechanisms and thought processes that go into the purchase process!

Target the Clients Buying Process: Learn how to spot each buyer type and how to persuade them in your proposals using our pre-designed proposal templates that work!

Master Pricing Strategies: Identify targeted pricing strategies to hook clients and get them to close the deal.

Learn the Most Powerful Proposal Tool: Learn how to win every project you decide to go after!

Make More Profit: Target your clients and name your prices!



We want to help you have the best experience winning every client. Knowing that you can turn on a faucet of work whenever you want to allows you to focus on creating great projects. 

This is not one time use, throw away scheme that will be out of date tomorrow. These techniques and strategies will be at the forefront of every proposal. The more in depth you understand pricing and proposal writing the more efficient you will become at converting clients.

So what is the best investment you can make? Well Warren Buffet, a 60 billion dollar professional investor, says, The Most Important investment you can make is in yourself.

You are probably already imagining what the success of your next project will bring, what it will mean to your family and your lifestyle. Well let your mind wander and plan that family vacation.


By learning to write better proposals (and I hope you do) your projects will earn you the kind of money that tempted you into this industry.

Start immediately learning how to write more effective proposals, don't procrastinate. But also understand that these are concepts designed to rewire your brain.



We are now offering proposal writing coaching for specific potential clients to get the job under contract and rocket your business forward. Click the link below to set up a call so that we can start helping you to devise the best strategy to secure the client.

Got a difficult proposal? Let our experts help you get the job with enough extra to pay our fees and make a healthy profit. 

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