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You are about to get a great tool that will help you write better proposals, but you are not quite finished yet. You have made a smart choice and here's why...


You want this because you want your projects to be protected against scope creep from the beginning, and that's exactly what this generator is going to do for you.

But, how would you like to know your proposals are set up to protect you? How would you like to use tried and tested proposals that have protected companies just like yours?

This offer is NOT for everyone we are only making it available to you because you proved you're an action taker when you took advantage of our fee generator. So, I'm going to make you a special, one-time offer.

What I am about to share with you right now will help you make sure your proposals and agreements are set up to protect your team and your company.

This template has many benefits, but I don't have time to go over everything here, but one of the strategies it uses to protect you is a simple structure that walks you through how to document a detailed project description that clearly defines the scope. Let me explain, by using this simple structure you will be well armed to renegotiate your fees when your client changes the scope. This alone has saved multiple firms just like yours the financial pain of having to absorb scope creep into the project fee due to a vague project description.

Can you imagine what your company's profits will look like when you stop absorbing the high costs of scope creep? So click the button below now to get our proven proposal template, but that's not it. 

By ordering right now, you also get our feasibility template (worth $49) that is designed to get those clients that are not sure what to build on their site under contract - while protecting you!

You can get these on my website but you will have to pay full price for all of them. But right now you have this ONE CHANCE to get them all for the low price of just $37.99. This one-time offer is only available right here, right now. When you leave this page its gone forever.

Don't miss this chance to protect business, click the button now!

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